The clubhouse has its own kitchen with commercial oven and other cooking equipment, a large fridge, a freezer and counter space. There is a company we use to provide post match meals for players and any sponsors lunches we may have on a Saturday, plus any club events that require a sit down meal or buffet. Their details are available on request and they will work with you to work out exactly what you require and give you a good price. We also have contacts to provide hog roasts and BBQs if you would prefer something like that.

We have cutlery and tableware for 90 people, but any more than this would require the hire of additional crockery.

A cake is usually something required at an event, whether it be your birthday or wedding and we have contacts that can create the perfect cake for you. Whether you want a traditional wedding cake or a more modern cup cake version, we know of people who can make that happen for you.

Although we have these contacts and they are our preferred suppliers, there is nothing to stop you sourcing your own catering arrangements if you prefer.