The bar is an L shape with seating areas around it in more of a U shape. This includes the “sponsors bar” which is separated by doors that can be opened up if the extra space is required. There are around 45 seats in the bar around a mixture of high and low tables and a couple of sofas in one corner. These can all be moved around to how best would suit your requirements. For example, the sofas have been moved on more than one occasion to accommodate a photo booth in the corner to capture memorable moments from your day.

With the bar area separate, this gives your guests somewhere to congregate away from the hall, perhaps before a sit down meal or between a wedding breakfast and evening reception whilst the hall layout is being altered. It also gives people a chance during an evening reception to have a break away from a disco or live music without being too far away from everything going on.

The bar has a wide range of drinks available at competitive prices and can usually get in specific drinks if you require them. Before the day, you will be asked what kind of drinks you expect to be drinking and drinks packages can be discussed. This includes arrival drinks, drinks on tables during a meal and any other drinks you are willing to provide to your guests at no cost to them. We work with our suppliers to find the best deal for you, whatever your budget may be.

The bar has enough glassware to cater for the number of people that can be comfortably sat within the clubhouse, but has contacts to get in extra glasses if necessary. If you are hiring your own glassware, please make the Club aware of any terms and conditions of hire (such as if the glasses are to be returned clean, what to do in the event of a breakage etc) so we can make sure we comply to the best of our ability.